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WWW Tide and Current Predictor

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Tidal Height and Current Site Selection

Select a region here, then from that page, select a site for which to generate predictions. You will get basic predictions and a form for customized predictions. Predictions may take a few moments to calculate, please be patient. Please see the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions list) if you cannot find the site you want.

NOTE: Any site name ending in “Current” will generate predictions of current speeds; all other sites generate tidal height predictions. There are many more locations for tidal height predictions than for current speed predictions.

U.S. Upper East Coast (Maine through Virginia)
U.S. Lower East Coast (North Carolina through Florida Keys)
U.S. Gulf Coast (East to West)
U.S. West Coast (North to South)
Northern sites (except Japan) outside contiguous U.S. (East to West)
Southern sites outside contiguous U.S. (East to West)
Japan and nearby sites (North to South)

Alphabetic list of all tidal height sites (large 2MB page)
Alphabetic list of all current speed sites

Useful Links

Pictures and info about the server running this site.
FAQ (frequently asked questions) for this site.
Information on preselecting sites and options.
Usage statistics of this site.
Near-term official U.S. tide predictions, Explanation of tides and Tide glossary at NOAA/NOS.
Realtime oceanographic observations at NDBC.

Puzzled by something? Please check the Frequently Asked Questions list.
Send queries about the WWW interface to Dean Pentcheff <tidecomment@gmail.com>.
Send queries about the XTide program to David Flater <dave@flaterco.com>.

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