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We thought you might be interested to see the site where it all happens: David Wethey's lab at the University of South Carolina. Here's a photo of the side of the lab where this server, "tbone", lives. Actually, this photo is about a decade old, but I doubt things have changed much.

Now, to show you a closeup of the impressive big iron that drives this engine of tide prediction (in the picture above, it's on the shelf just above and to the right of the refrigerator).
Hot update 7/2002: We replaced the old tbone.biol.sc.edu with a new machine! Whee! The new specs are below (but it's still on the same shelf). It will still impress you, we're sure.
Hot update 1/2008: Complete hard drive crash... So there's a shiny new machine. See specs below. But really, it's still a contender for the lame-machine award.

The specs on the mighty beast:
FeatureCurrent ModelPrior Server
(Until 1/2008)
Old Server
(Until 6/2002)
Processor   AMD Athlon Dual Core 5000+ Intel P200 MMX Intel P90
Motherboard   HP s3300f slimline Dell Gs Scavenged no-name
CPU has f00f bug   no yes yes
RAM   2000 MB (!) 64 MB 48 MB (2x16MB SIMMs and 2x8MB SIMMs)
Disk   Western Digital 500 GB SATA Fujitsu 2 GB IDE Seagate 2 GB IDE
Ethernet   Onboard No-name NE2000 clone No-name NE2000 clone
OS   CentOS 5 RedHat Linux 7.3 RedHat Linux 6.1, kernel 2.2.12

Why doesn't (the old one) have a cover on it? Honestly, we just never bothered to put the cover back after we finished fussing with it around December 1999. Linux being a rather dependable OS, we also don't bother with an easily accessible keyboard or monitor. The only time it needs attention from the console is to fix a hardware error, and that hasn't happened in months. And no, the 14.4 modem on the shelf next to the machine is not being used to connect to it. And yes, those are 8-inch floppy cases on the shelf above it. Old data never die. You can't quite see them, but there are boxes of punchcards just to the right of the 8-inch floppies. No, that is not a joke.

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