[World Tidal Site Selection]

Site Selection: Japan and nearby sites (North to South)

Please Note:
Where possible, use sites printed in boldface; other sites are from "legacy" data which may not be as dependable.
All sites ending in "Current" are current speed predictions.
All other sites are tidal height predictions.
See the FAQ List if you cannot find your site of interest.
[map] Ostrov Atlasova, Kurile Islands
[map] Kotomari, Kurile Islands
[map] Mys Savushkina, Kurile Islands
[map] Zaliv Kozyrevskogo, Kurile Islands
[map] Bukhta Babushkina, Kurile Islands
[map] Bukhta Shelekhovo, Kurile Islands
[map] Bukhta Krasheninikova, Kurile Islands
[map] Yotuiwa, Kurile Islands
[map] Zaliv Tukharka, Kurile Islands
[map] Mys Kapuetnyi, Kurile Islands
[map] Siomi Ura, Kurile Islands
[map] Bukhta Blakiston, Kurile Islands
[map] Ostrov Kharimkotan, Kurile Islands
[map] Higasi Ura, Kurile Islands
[map] Otome Wan, Kurile Islands
[map] Ostrov Matua, Kurile Islands
[map] Ostrov Ushishir, Kurile Islands
[map] Bukhta Broutona, Kurile Islands
[map] Zaliv Mil'na, Kurile Islands
[map] Suna Wan, Kurile Islands
[map] Yosinohama, Kurile Islands
[map] Zariv Natalii, Kurile Islands
[map] Reyd Otkrytyy, Kurile Islands
[map] Mys Etolina, Kurile Islands
[map] Soya Misaki, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Sibetoro, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Hunadomari, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Moyoro Wan, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Wakkanai, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Hama-Onisibetu, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Syamanbe, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Bakkai, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Kahuka (Rebun-To), Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Nayoka, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Osidomari, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Kutugata, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Esasi (Kitami), Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Hitokappu Wan, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Naibo Wan, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Iriribusi, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Omu, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Monbetu, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Tomamae, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Koiseboi, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Nikisiyoro, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Hurukamappu Wan, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Abasiri, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Rausu, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Rumoi, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Syakotan, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Tomari Wan, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Taraku Sima, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Hamamasu, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Odaito, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Suisyo Sima, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Kamui Misaki, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Nemuro, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Hanasaki, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Osyoro, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Otiisi, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Kiritappu, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Akkesi Ko, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Akkesi, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Iwanai, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Kusiro, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Suttu, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Tomakomai, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Usu Wan, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Setana, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Muroran, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Higasi-Sizunai, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Tokati, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Mituisi, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Osirabetu, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Rubesibetu, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Okusiri, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Urakawa, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Mori, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Aonae, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Erimo, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Syoya, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Utaro, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Erimomisaki, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Usuziri, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Esasi (Hiyama), Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Kobui, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Siokubi Misaki, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Toi, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Wakimoto, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Kiyobe, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Oma, Aomori, Japan
[map] Yosioka, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Matumae, Hokkaido, Japan
[map] Ohata, Aomori, Japan
[map] Siriyamisaki, Aomori, Japan
[map] Siriya, Aomori, Japan
[map] Sekinehama, Aomori, Japan
[map] Tappi Saki, Aomori, Japan
[map] Ominato, Aomori, Japan
[map] Horozuki, Aomori, Japan
[map] Minmaya, Aomori, Japan
[map] Kodomari, Aomori, Japan
[map] Siranuka, Aomori, Japan
[map] Tomari, Aomori, Japan
[map] Kominato, Aomori, Japan
[map] Moura, Aomori, Japan
[map] Asamusi, Aomori, Japan
[map] Nohezi, Aomori, Japan
[map] Aomori, Aomori, Japan
[map] Azigasawa, Aomori, Japan
[map] Hukaura, Aomori, Japan
[map] Iwasaki, Aomori, Japan
[map] Hachinohe, Aomori, Japan
[map] Iwadate, Akita, Japan
[map] Yagi, Iwate, Japan
[map] Nosiro, Akita, Japan
[map] Kuzi (Iwate), Iwate, Japan
[map] Oga, Akita, Japan
[map] Hunagawa, Akita, Japan
[map] Akita, Akita, Japan
[map] Miyako, Iwate, Japan
[map] Yamada, Iwate, Japan
[map] Kamaisi, Iwate, Japan
[map] Konoura, Akita, Japan
[map] Ohunato, Iwate, Japan
[map] Sakata, Yamagata, Japan
[map] Kesennuma, Miyagi, Japan
[map] Kamo, Yamagata, Japan
[map] Yura (Yamagata), Yamagata, Japan
[map] Sizugawa, Miyagi, Japan
[map] Nezugaseki, Yamagata, Japan
[map] Hunagosi Wan, Miyagi, Japan
[map] Awa Sima (Niigata), Niigata, Japan
[map] Onagawa, Miyagi, Japan
[map] Isinomaki, Miyagi, Japan
[map] Oginohama, Miyagi, Japan
[map] Nobiru Wan, Miyagi, Japan
[map] Isihama (Matusima Wan), Miyagi, Japan
[map] Siogama-Minatobasi, Miyagi, Japan
[map] Wasizaki, Niigata, Japan
[map] Ayukawa, Miyagi, Japan
[map] Hanabutihama, Miyagi, Japan
[map] Siogama-Sendai, Miyagi, Japan
[map] Iwahune, Niigata, Japan
[map] Yuriage, Miyagi, Japan
[map] Ryotu, Niigata, Japan
[map] Hutami (Mano Wan), Niigata, Japan
[map] Niigata, Niigata, Japan
[map] Sooma, Fukusima, Japan
[map] Matukawaura, Fukusima, Japan
[map] Ogi, Niigata, Japan
[map] Teradomari, Niigata, Japan
[map] Izumozaki, Niigata, Japan
[map] Zige, Ishikawa, Japan
[map] Ottozawa, Fukusima, Japan
[map] Wazima, Ishikawa, Japan
[map] Kasiwazaki (Niigata), Niigata, Japan
[map] Matunami, Ishikawa, Japan
[map] Tomioka (Hukusima), Fukusima, Japan
[map] Nakai Iri, Ishikawa, Japan
[map] Anamizu, Ishikawa, Japan
[map] Naoetu, Niigata, Japan
[map] Sora, Ishikawa, Japan
[map] No0, Niigata, Japan
[map] Yotukura, Fukusima, Japan
[map] Nanao, Ishikawa, Japan
[map] Miyazaki (Toyama), Toyama, Japan
[map] Onahama, Fukusima, Japan
[map] Taki, Ishikawa, Japan
[map] Ao, Toyama, Japan
[map] Ikuzi, Toyama, Japan
[map] Ootu, Ibaraki, Japan
[map] Husiki, Toyama, Japan
[map] Toyama, Toyama, Japan
[map] Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan
[map] Hitati, Ibaraki, Japan
[map] Nakaminato, Ibaraki, Japan
[map] Mikuni, Hukui, Japan
[map] Hukui, Hukui, Japan
[map] Saigo, Simane, Japan
[map] Hisi Ura, Simane, Japan
[map] Hinotu Ura, Simane, Japan
[map] Urago, Simane, Japan
[map] Titii, Simane, Japan
[map] Kasima, Ibaraki, Japan
[map] Sinti (Tyosi), Tiba, Japan
[map] Tyosi-Gyoko, Tiba, Japan
[map] Nyu, Hukui, Japan
[map] Inubo Saki, Tiba, Japan
[map] Naarai, Tiba, Japan
[map] Hunabasi, Tiba, Japan
[map] Itikawa, Tiba, Japan
[map] Ine, Kyoto, Japan
[map] Tukizi, Tokyo, Japan
[map] Turuga, Hukui, Japan
[map] Harumi (Tokyo), Tokyo, Japan
[map] Kasumi, Hyogo, Japan
[map] Sibayama, Hyogo, Japan
[map] Tuiyama, Hyogo, Japan
[map] Sibaura, Tokyo, Japan
[map] Inaba-Aziro, Tottori, Japan
[map] Samugawa, Tiba, Japan
[map] Tai, Kyoto, Japan
[map] Taziri, Tottori, Japan
[map] Kaga, Simane, Japan
[map] Sitirui, Simane, Japan
[map] Tiba Light, Tiba, Japan
[map] Haneda, Tokyo, Japan
[map] Sakai (Tottori), Tottori, Japan
[map] Siizaki, Kyoto, Japan
[map] Utiura Wan, Hukui, Japan
[map] Itihara, Tiba, Japan
[map] Sima Saki, Kyoto, Japan
[map] Akasaki, Tottori, Japan
[map] Etomo, Simane, Japan
[map] Kawasaki (Siohama Unga), Kanagawa, Japan
[map] Daikon Sima, Simane, Japan
[map] Obama, Hukui, Japan
[map] Wada, Hukui, Japan
[map] Anesaki, Tiba, Japan
[map] Maizuru (Higasi-Ko), Kyoto, Japan
[map] Suehiro (Turumi), Kanagawa, Japan
[map] Yodoe, Tottori, Japan
[map] Maizuru (Nisi Ko), Kyoto, Japan
[map] Sagi, Simane, Japan
[map] Uppurui Wan, Simane, Japan
[map] Yokohama-Sinko, Kanagawa, Japan
[map] Yasugi, Simane, Japan
[map] Yokohama Sin-Yamasita, Kanagawa, Japan
[map] Yonago, Tottori, Japan
[map] Negisi, Kanagawa, Japan
[map] Taisya, Simane, Japan
[map] Kimitu, Tiba, Japan
[map] Daiiti Kaiho, Tiba, Japan
[map] Naga Ura, Kanagawa, Japan
[map] E-No-Sima, Kanagawa, Japan
[map] Sinzyuku Wan (Zusi), Kanagawa, Japan
[map] Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan
[map] Hasirimizu, Kanagawa, Japan
[map] Uraga, Kanagawa, Japan
[map] Kurihama, Kanagawa, Japan
[map] Odawa Wan, Kanagawa, Japan
[map] Kaneda Wan, Kanagawa, Japan
[map] Aburatubo, Kanagawa, Japan
[map] Makuti, Kanagawa, Japan
[map] Manazuru, Kanagawa, Japan
[map] Moroiso, Kanagawa, Japan
[map] Kazusa-Katuura, Tiba, Japan
[map] Mukogasaki, Kanagawa, Japan
[map] Tagonoura, Sizuoka, Japan
[map] Zyo-Ga-Sima, Kanagawa, Japan
[map] Iwaihukuro, Tiba, Japan
[map] Yunotu, Simane, Japan
[map] Kamogawa, Tiba, Japan
[map] Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
[map] Aziro (Sizuoka), Sizuoka, Japan
[map] Okitu, Sizuoka, Japan
[map] Hunakata, Tiba, Japan
[map] Gotu, Simane, Japan
[map] Mito (Utiura), Sizuoka, Japan
[map] Simizu, Sizuoka, Japan
[map] Miho, Sizuoka, Japan
[map] Tateyama, Tiba, Japan
[map] Ito, Sizuoka, Japan
[map] Kawana, Sizuoka, Japan
[map] Yokkaiti, Mie, Japan
[map] Mera, Tiba, Japan
[map] Sirahama (Tiba), Tiba, Japan
[map] Onizaki, Aichi, Japan
[map] To-No-Ura (Hamada), Simane, Japan
[map] Taketoyo, Aichi, Japan
[map] Tokoname, Aichi, Japan
[map] Yaizu, Sizuoka, Japan
[map] Ugusu, Sizuoka, Japan
[map] Gamagori, Aichi, Japan
[map] Miya, Aichi, Japan
[map] Terazu, Aichi, Japan
[map] Aioi, Hyogo, Japan
[map] Tago, Sizuoka, Japan
[map] Himezi-Sikama, Hyogo, Japan
[map] Hirohata, Hyogo, Japan
[map] Katanohara, Aichi, Japan
[map] Okada (O Sima), Tokyo, Japan
[map] Susaki (Aiti), Aichi, Japan
[map] Utu, Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Ako (Harima Nada), Hyogo, Japan
[map] Katakami, Okayama, Japan
[map] Saku Sima, Aichi, Japan
[map] Takasago, Hyogo, Japan
[map] Sirahama (Izu), Sizuoka, Japan
[map] Toyohasi, Aichi, Japan
[map] Tu, Mie, Japan
[map] Amagasaki, Hyogo, Japan
[map] Higasi-Harima, Hutami-Hyogo, Japan
[map] Morozaki, Aichi, Japan
[map] Habu (Izu-O Sima), Tokyo, Japan
[map] Ie Sima (Harima Nada), Hyogo, Japan
[map] Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
[map] Maisaka, Sizuoka, Japan
[map] Okawati Wan, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Otabu Sima, Okayama, Japan
[map] Sagara, Sizuoka, Japan
[map] Sino Sima, Aichi, Japan
[map] Izumi Ura, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Mera-Koura, Sizuoka, Japan
[map] Simoda, Sizuoka, Japan
[map] Tatuma Saki, Aichi, Japan
[map] Akasi, Hyogo, Japan
[map] Aziro (Hidakatu), Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Karumo Sima, Hyogo, Japan
[map] Osaka, Osaka, Japan
[map] Esaki, Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Hukue (Aiti), Aichi, Japan
[map] Sasuna, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Minami Izu-Koine, Sizuoka, Japan
[map] Tarumi, Hyogo, Japan
[map] Usimado, Okayama, Japan
[map] Akabane, Aichi, Japan
[map] Ezaki, Hyogo, Japan
[map] Iwaya (Awazi Sima), Hyogo, Japan
[map] Kogusi, Okayama, Japan
[map] Matusaka, Mie, Japan
[map] Omae Saki, Sizuoka, Japan
[map] Hoden, Okayama, Japan
[map] Irago, Aichi, Japan
[map] Sakai (Osaka Wan), Osaka, Japan
[map] Ina, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Kami Sima, Aichi, Japan
[map] Obe, Kagawa, Japan
[map] Murotu (Awazi Sima), Hyogo, Japan
[map] Kariya (Osaka Wan), Hyogo, Japan
[map] Mizusima, Okayama, Japan
[map] Osika Wan, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Uzi-Yamada, Mie, Japan
[map] Izumi-Otu, Osaka, Japan
[map] Kasaoka, Okayama, Japan
[map] Uno, Okayama, Japan
[map] Hukuyama, Hirosima, Japan
[map] Nyube, Kagawa, Japan
[map] Toba, Mie, Japan
[map] Ei, Hyogo, Japan
[map] Kisiwada, Osaka, Japan
[map] Kario, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Miyanoura (Nao Sima), Kagawa, Japan
[map] Saga (Tusima), Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Sakate (Syodo Sima), Kagawa, Japan
[map] Hagi, Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Ogi Sima, Kagawa, Japan
[map] Simotui, Okayama, Japan
[map] Zizo Saki, Kagawa, Japan
[map] Tuna Wan, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Odomari (Senzaki), Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Onomiti, Hirosima, Japan
[map] Tiromo, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Yuya, Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Itozaki, Hirosima, Japan
[map] Nabe Sima, Kagawa, Japan
[map] Tomo, Hirosima, Japan
[map] Tuneisi, Hirosima, Japan
[map] Yo Sima, Kagawa, Japan
[map] Aoki, Kagawa, Japan
[map] Ko-Sagi Sima, Hirosima, Japan
[map] Matoya, Mie, Japan
[map] Mawari, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Enoura (Mekari Seto), Hirosima, Japan
[map] Hirosima, Hirosima, Japan
[map] Takamatu, Kagawa, Japan
[map] Kamoise, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Oyama Ura, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Sanagi, Kagawa, Japan
[map] Sumoto, Hyogo, Japan
[map] Tadanoumi, Hirosima, Japan
[map] Takehara, Hirosima, Japan
[map] Tannowa, Osaka, Japan
[map] Gokasyo, Mie, Japan
[map] Hiru-Ga-Ura, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Huke, Osaka, Japan
[map] Kottoi, Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Ozaki Ura, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Sakaide, Kagawa, Japan
[map] Sikine Sima, Tokyo, Japan
[map] Simayama, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Hamazima, Mie, Japan
[map] Itukusima, Hirosima, Japan
[map] Manzeki-Eastern-Ent., Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Manzeki-Thuo, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Manzeki-Western-Ent., Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Marugame, Kagawa, Japan
[map] Modo Ura, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Setoda, Hirosima, Japan
[map] Takesiki, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Mikata (Aso Wan), Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Ohunakosi, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Oki-No-Sima, Wakayama, Japan
[map] Anaga Ura, Hyogo, Japan
[map] Awasima (Bisan Seto), Kagawa, Japan
[map] Habu (In-No-Sima), Hirosima, Japan
[map] Ono Seto, Hirosima, Japan
[map] Yosizu, Mie, Japan
[map] Yura (Awazi Sima), Hyogo, Japan
[map] Eta Uti, Hirosima, Japan
[map] Hukura, Hyogo, Japan
[map] Mino, Hirosima, Japan
[map] Takahama, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Aziro (Naruto), Tokusima, Japan
[map] Hiketa, Kagawa, Japan
[map] Kitadomari, Tokusima, Japan
[map] Komoda, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Koyo, Hirosima, Japan
[map] Kure, Hirosima, Japan
[map] Magosaki, Tokusima, Japan
[map] Donoura, Tokusima, Japan
[map] Nagahama (Hiro Wan), Hirosima, Japan
[map] Wakayama, Wakayama, Japan
[map] Izuhara, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Kozu Sima, Tokyo, Japan
[map] Nagasima (Mie), Mie, Japan
[map] Ondo Seto, Hirosima, Japan
[map] Mitarai, Hirosima, Japan
[map] Tosadomari, Tokusima, Japan
[map] Iwakuni, Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Kunehama, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Hayase Seto, Hirosima, Japan
[map] Kainan, Wakayama, Japan
[map] Oku-No-Uti, Hirosima, Japan
[map] Awazu, Tokusima, Japan
[map] Kan-Onzi, Kagawa, Japan
[map] Hasihama, Ehime, Japan
[map] Kuru Sima, Ehime, Japan
[map] O Sima (Kurusima), Ehime, Japan
[map] Simotu, Wakayama, Japan
[map] Tutu, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Ie-No-Sima, Ehime, Japan
[map] Muroo, Hirosima, Japan
[map] Yosimo, Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Ako (Miyake Sima), Tokyo, Japan
[map] Imabari, Ehime, Japan
[map] Karoto-Ko Seto, Hirosima, Japan
[map] Owase, Mie, Japan
[map] Kikuma, Ehime, Japan
[map] Mitaziri, Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Tokuyama, Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Sirasima, Hukuoka, Japan
[map] Tyohu, Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Komatusima, Tokusima, Japan
[map] Kudamatu, Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Misima (Hiuti Nada), Ehime, Japan
[map] Oura (Sekito Seto), Ehime, Japan
[map] Takihama, Ehime, Japan
[map] Dannoura (Simonoseki), Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Hurue, Mie, Japan
[map] Iwaguro, Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Maeda, Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Niihama, Ehime, Japan
[map] Onoda, Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Uwama, Ehime, Japan
[map] Aohama, Hukuoka, Japan
[map] Haedomari, Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Izaki, Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Kariya (Suo Nada), Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Kazi-Ga-Hana, Hukuoka, Japan
[map] Nasake Sima, Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Obatake, Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Simonoseki Sanbasi, Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Tanoura, Hukuoka, Japan
[map] Yura (Kii Suido), Wakayama, Japan
[map] Iwaya (Hukuoka), Hukuoka, Japan
[map] Mozi, Hukuoka, Japan
[map] Nigisima, Mie, Japan
[map] Saizyo, Ehime, Japan
[map] Ube, Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Waita, Hukuoka, Japan
[map] Wakamatu-Hibikinada, Hukuoka, Japan
[map] Desimatu, Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Doi, Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Gogo Sima, Ehime, Japan
[map] Hii Wan, Wakayama, Japan
[map] Hirao, Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Ooyamanohana, Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Seitetu-Tobata-Hakuti, Hukuoka, Japan
[map] Tanokubi, Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Tomioka (Kii Suido), Tokusima, Japan
[map] Hiagari, Hukuoka, Japan
[map] Higasi-Agenosyo, Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Kasiwabara, Hukuoka, Japan
[map] Tikuzen Oosima, Hukuoka, Japan
[map] Tobata, Hukuoka, Japan
[map] Wakamatu (Kanmon), Hukuoka, Japan
[map] Kanezaki, Hukuoka, Japan
[map] Mio, Wakayama, Japan
[map] Sunatu, Hukuoka, Japan
[map] Matuyama, Ehime, Japan
[map] Oki (Kanmon), Hukuoka, Japan
[map] Sinmozi, Hukuoka, Japan
[map] Tatibana, Tokusima, Japan
[map] Yahata, Hukuoka, Japan
[map] Katumoto, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Konominato, Hukuoka, Japan
[map] Oki-Kamuro Sima, Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Murotu (Kaminoseki), Yamaguti, Japan
[map] Asibe, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Kanda, Hukuoka, Japan
[map] Tuyazaki, Hukuoka, Japan
[map] Ao Sima, Ehime, Japan
[map] Gonoura, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Hime Sima, Oita, Japan
[map] Hiwasa, Tokusima, Japan
[map] Udono, Mie, Japan
[map] Tanabe, Wakayama, Japan
[map] Kakazi, Oita, Japan
[map] Saito Saki, Hukuoka, Japan
[map] Kii-Katuura, Wakayama, Japan
[map] Unosima, Hukuoka, Japan
[map] Nagahama (Iyo Nada), Ehime, Japan
[map] Hakata Hukuoka, Hukuoka, Japan
[map] Hakata-Hunadamari, Hukuoka, Japan
[map] Nakatu, Oita, Japan
[map] Takada, Oita, Japan
[map] Kannoura, Koti, Japan
[map] Susami, Wakayama, Japan
[map] Uragami, Wakayama, Japan
[map] Yobuko, Saga, Japan
[map] Nagoya Ura, Saga, Japan
[map] Koti, Koti, Japan
[map] Karatu, Saga, Japan
[map] Kariya (Saga), Saga, Japan
[map] Kusimoto, Wakayama, Japan
[map] Mitukue, Ehime, Japan
[map] Yawatahama, Ehime, Japan
[map] O-Tobi Sima, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Susaki (Koti), Koti, Japan
[map] Kuroko Sima, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Usuka Wan, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Yobokori, Ehime, Japan
[map] Hizi, Oita, Japan
[map] Sin-Mikuriya, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Utinoura, Ehime, Japan
[map] Kamegawa, Oita, Japan
[map] Okuti Wan, Ehime, Japan
[map] Hase, Saga, Japan
[map] Murotu (Koti), Koti, Japan
[map] Ko-No-Ura, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Murotozaki, Koti, Japan
[map] Oita-Turusaki, Oita, Japan
[map] Nisi-Oita, Oita, Japan
[map] Saganoseki, Oita, Japan
[map] Sita Ura, Oita, Japan
[map] Uwazima, Ehime, Japan
[map] Kusudomari, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Wakatu, Saga, Japan
[map] Siziki Wan, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Suminoe, Saga, Japan
[map] Ainoura, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Huehuki, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Noto (Hiburi Sima), Ehime, Japan
[map] Sasebo, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Haiki Jetty (N.side), Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Haiki Jetty (S.side), Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Kaminato (Hatizyo Sima), Tokyo, Japan
[map] Tomarigauti, Oita, Japan
[map] Tawara-Ga-Ura, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Kogo Saki, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Yaene (Hatizyo Sima), Tokyo, Japan
[map] Sukui-No-Ura, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Tai-No-Ura, Nagasaki, Japan (2)
[map] Hatakezimo, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Kodai, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Nakura, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Ogusi Wan, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Omodaka Wan, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Tukumi, Oita, Japan
[map] Inoura, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Magome, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Kasiwazaki (Ehime), Ehime, Japan
[map] Miike, Hukuoka, Japan
[map] Sakito, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Aokata, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Arikawa, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Kazura, Oita, Japan
[map] O Sima (Saeki Wan), Oita, Japan
[map] Saiki-Nagasima, Oita, Japan
[map] Iino Seto, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Tai-No-Ura, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Takezaki Sima (Oura), Saga, Japan
[map] Matusima (Nagasaki), Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Arakawa, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Nagasu, Kumamoto, Japan
[map] Katasima (Sukumo Wan), Koti, Japan
[map] Omura, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Miyanoura (Oita), Oita, Japan
[map] Wakamatu (Goto), Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Hunamawari Wan, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Kanbe, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Simabara-Sinkoo, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Inokusi, Oita, Japan
[map] Kamae, Oita, Japan
[map] Tosa-Simizu, Koti, Japan
[map] Simabara, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Aba, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Koe, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Kumamoto, Kumamoto, Japan
[map] Miiraku, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Mizu-No-Ura (Goto), Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Mizu-No-Ura (Kyusyu/w.), Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Togi Ura, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Matugae, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Nagasaki Megami, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Nezumi Sima, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Hukue (Goto), Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Io Sima (Nagasaki), Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Hukahori, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Arakawa (Tamanoura), Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Sugawa, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Takasima, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Misumi, Kumamoto, Japan
[map] Tamanoura, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Tomie, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Kutinotu, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Zozo-No-Seto, Kumamoto, Japan
[map] Kabasima Suido, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Tomioka (Amakusa), Kumamoto, Japan
[map] Yanagi-No-Seto, Kumamoto, Japan
[map] Kaga Sima, Kumamoto, Japan
[map] Yatusiro, Kumamoto, Japan
[map] Totoro, Miyazaki, Japan
[map] Hondo, Kumamoto, Japan
[map] Hososima, Miyazaki, Japan
[map] Oomon, Kumamoto, Japan
[map] Ike-No-Ura, Kumamoto, Japan
[map] Mimitu, Miyazaki, Japan
[map] Sakitu Wan, Kumamoto, Japan
[map] Minamata, Kumamoto, Japan
[map] Usibuka, Kumamoto, Japan
[map] Hukuro Ura, Kumamoto, Japan
[map] Akune, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Me Sima, Nagasaki, Japan
[map] Nakagawara Ura, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Sendai (Kagosima), Kagosima, Japan
[map] Oryuzako, Miyazaki, Japan
[map] Utiumi, Miyazaki, Japan
[map] Kusikino, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Tosaki, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Sonoyama, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Kagosima, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Aburatu, Miyazaki, Japan
[map] Humoto, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Tonoura (Miyazaki), Miyazaki, Japan
[map] Tarumizu, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Sibusi, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Hukusima (Sibusi Wan), Miyazaki, Japan
[map] Kanoya, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Kiire, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Bodomari, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Makurazaki, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Yamagawa, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Izasiki, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Odomari (Kagosima), Kagosima, Japan
[map] Iozima (Kagosima), Kagosima, Japan
[map] Nisinoomote, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Tanowaki, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Tori Sima, Tokyo, Japan
[map] Isso, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Kuti-Erabu Sima, Kagosima, Japan
[map] O Ura (Tane-Ga-Sima), Kagosima, Japan
[map] Gazya Sima, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Satomura (Naka-No-Sima), Kagosima, Japan
[map] Takara Sima, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Kasari Wan, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Naze, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Uken, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Nisikomi Wan, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Kuzi Wan (Osima Kaikyo), Kagosima, Japan
[map] Sumiyo Wan, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Koniya, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Uke Sima, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Sanmura Wan, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Wadomari, Kagosima, Japan
[map] Titi Sima, Tokyo, Japan
[map] Gakiya, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Hentona, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Ada, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Ie (Okinawa), Okinawa, Japan
[map] Unten, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Toguti, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Oki (Haha Sima), Tokyo, Japan
[map] Sukku, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Isikawa, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Toya, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Nakazato, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Gima, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Awase, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Hesikiya, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Naha, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Naha, Okinawa, Japan (2)
[map] Zamami, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Tokasiki, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Baten, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Itoman, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Ohu, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Kobi Syo, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Minami-Daito Sima, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Uoturi Sima, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Ikema, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Sarahama, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Hirara, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Nagayama, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Nisi (Io-Sima), Tokyo, Japan
[map] Kubura, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Hikawa (Yonakuni Sima), Okinawa, Japan
[map] Sirahama (Iriomote), Okinawa, Japan
[map] Hunauki, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Isigaki, Okinawa, Japan
[map] Haderuma, Okinawa, Japan

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